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Solid Waste


Eliminate the biological risk from solid waste 

" Reduce your waste volume by 80%
and its weight by 50%. "
Current situation

How it normally works is that the (potential) contaminated bio waste is stored in special bins. These bins will be transported to a separate location where they are temporarily stocked awaiting the ADR-transport by a specialized firm.


The processing costs represent a huge amount of your waste disposal budget.

Since the solid waste needs to be transported to an incinerator and the combustion process is complex, the high cost is not a surprise.

Treat at the source

GreenX offers you an ecological and economical processing solution for your solid and liquid waste. Thanks to the STERIPLUS technology from our partner Tesalys we present you a device which pre-treats your medical waste by decontaminating it according to the NF X30-503 standard.

Which type of waste is suitable?

The waste that contains viable micro-organisms or their toxins, and who are known for causing diseases by humans or other living organisms due to their nature, quantity or their metabolism.

Grind - Autoclave - Eliminate ...

STERIPLUS is an autoclave with an integrated shredder in a closed system,  creating a fully safe circuit for both user and environment.

The materials are pushed towards the shredder through an automatic pump, liquids and solids are separated and afterwards autoclaved.

Once the hazardous medical waste is processed with the STERIPLUS, it can be treated as household waste and is allowed to be disposed with other industrial or garbage waste.

Which STERIPLUS for which waste volume ?


Usable volume : 20 L

Cycle time : 30 to 35 min

Production : up to 10 kg/h


Usable volume : 40 L

Cycle time : 30 to 35 min

Production : up to 20 kg/h


Usable volume : 80 L

Cycle time : 30 to 35 min

Production : up to 40 kg/h

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