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A green solution for all surfaces and volumes. 

"Disinfect your volumes with a dry fog

allowing up to 7 log reduction."

Airborne Disinfection

The Phileas® Suspension Disinfection System is based on a patented technology using a rotating disc to deliver an active agent in the form of microscopic droplets into the atmosphere.

The Phileas® range is a system of torque device of products suitable for the treatment of all types of volumes. Smaller (less than 1 m³) to the largest (several thousand cubic meters) and different configurations (Height, multi-room).

No humidity traces

The technology developed ensures that the surfaces in contact with the fog generated by the Phileas remain dry and that the product does not leave or trace after misting.

No more storage of everything on the worktops. No more damp traces left after a treatment
More aggressive.

The advantages of H2O2
without the disadvantages

Phileasafe is the name of the solution marketed with Phileas devices. Specially designed for these devices Phileasafe contains only 7% hydrogen peroxide. 7% is more than enough to get up to 7 logs reduction and not be aggressive for treated surfaces. The product does not require special handling conditions or suitable transport.

An exceptional wide range of applications 

The Phileas range can handle volumes ranging from 0.1m³ to over 600m³.


The combination of several devices also makes it possible to process very large volumes..

What type of Phileas for which volume ? 

Phileas Genius

Treatable volume from 0,1 to 9m³

Suitable for incubator, BSC, Laminar flow, ,...

 Fields of application

  • Hospitals / Clinics

  • Nursery

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Food industry

  • Biotechnology

  • Dairy industry

  • Wine industry

  • Manufacture of fermented products

  • Research units

  • Veterinary Laboratories

  • Laboratories for analysis

  • Animal Husbandry

Phileas 25

Treatable volume from 3 to 40m³

Suitable for sas, walk-in climatic chamber, changing room, ...

Phileas 75

Treatable volume  from  10 to 160m³

Suitable for medium sized labo or several small rooms, ...

Phileas 250

Treatable volume from  50 to 600m³

Suitable for Large sized labo or several medium labos, ...