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ACT.Global and GreenX have signed an exclusive partnership-agreement for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Our experience in eliminating and controlling micro-organisms make us become aware of the potential for creating low-bacterial environments in various segments. That way we came in contact with the Danish ACT.Global and their unique concept. 

Premium Purity 


Premium Purity ™ consists of 3 product lines:

  1. ACT CleanCoat ™ and

  2. the ACT ECA System ™ in combination with

  3. ACT Consulting and Monitoring.

Fields of application

  • Hotel sector

  • Leisure sector

  • Breweries

  • Offices

  • Food industry

  • Wine industry

1. ACT CleanCoat

ACT CleanCoat ™ is a coating based on safe and advanced technology designed to break down harmful microbes such as bacteria, viruses, airborne fungal spores and chemical compounds such as VOC and NOx.


The coating is transparent, odorless and can be applied to all types of surfaces. When the coating is exposed to light, a photocatalytic reaction starts, which decomposes microbes and purifies the air. By treating an area with ACT CleanCoat ™, you can clean with the ACT ECA System ™.

How Cleancoat ™ works: The power of photocatalysis

In Cleancoat ™, natural humidity and oxygen are converted into free radicals by TiO₂ in the presence of light. This is the natural process called photocatalysis. These free radicals continuously decompose bacteria, viruses and the volatile organic compounds with which they come into contact.

proces met info.PNG

Benefits of ACT CleanCoat ™:


  • disinfects surfaces itself 

  • purifies the air and improves the indoor climate 

  • eliminates microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, algae and organic waste such as VOCs and unpleasant odors 

  • is approved for all surfaces (including those in direct contact with food) 

  • activated by light

  • surfaces are antibacterial for a minimum of 12 months

2. ACT ECA systeem 

The ACT ECA System ™ transforms water and salt into a liquid detergent - ACT ECA Water - by destabilizing and increasing the electrical charge of the water.


ACT ECA Water is produced at the customer by an ACT ECA generator. When using ACT ECA Water, no protective gloves and masks are required during cleaning, as the system replaces strong chemical cleaners and disinfectants. 

What is the ACT ECA system ™?


The ACT ECA system ™ is a sustainable alternative to conventional cleaning with toxic cleaning agents.

ECA means electrochemically activated. It is a process whereby the salt molecules are split to make hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH), also known as caustic and caustic soda.

In short, the system turns water and salt into a liquid detergent by destabilizing and increasing the electrical charge of the water. The system has passed the EN 1276 test and proves its effectiveness as a disinfectant.

With an ACT ECA Pro Generator you create your own pH neutral and environmentally friendly ACT ECA Water:

  • ACT ECA Blue: Cleaning and disinfection, PH 7,5

  • ACT ECA Green: degrease and disinfect, PH 9

Cleans and disinfects simultaneously

proces 2.PNG

Advantages of the ACT ECA system ™:

  • Reduction in the use of toxic chemicals. ACT ECA System™ replaces toxic detergents and disinfectants. Surplus is decomposed, leaving only water and salt - with no negative impact on the environment. 

  • Less plastic. With the ECA ACT System™, there is less need for plastic packaging for conventional cleaners. 


  • Less water consumption. ACT ECA Water reduces the conventional cleaning process by several steps, including rinsing after application to a surface.

  • It provides a better working environment. As ACT ECA Water is close to a neutral pH, there is no need to wear gloves or masks to handle the liquid.

3. ACT consulting & Monitoring

An essential part of Premium Purity ™ is our range of services in which we collect, track and deliver relevant hygiene data and customer reports to monitor the set goals.


To determine the hygiene level of a specific area, GreenX measures two factors:


  1. ATP

  2. TPC

Adenosine triphosphate measurements determine the cleanliness while TPC measurements determine the number of microbes. In combination, these two measurements provide an accurate data overview of the hygienic level.

What's included:


  • ATP testing (cleaning results) 

  • TPC tests (presence of micro-organisms) 

  • ensure quality of daily cleaning 

  • overview of data 

Ensure a poor bacteria environment 

How do we proceed?


Premium Purity ™ consists of 3 product lines: ACT CleanCoat ™ and the ACT ECA System ™ in combination with ACT Consulting and Monitoring.

Doelstellingen vaststellen.jpg
Establish objectives


The first step is to set goals for your hygiene level. Together we make a timeline and an implementation plan.



With the goals in place, we measure the hygiene level at relevant contact points. All surfaces must then be thoroughly cleaned.


The clean surfaces are coated with ACT CleanCoat and ACT ECA generators are installed to make ACT ECA water for cleaning. The new cleaning protocol and products are introduced.


The site still needs to be cleaned daily. From now on it can use efficient and environmentally friendly ACT ECA Water for daily cleaning.

testen en rapporteren.jpg
Testing and reporting

An essential part of Premium Purity ™ is our service offering where we collect, track and deliver relevant hygiene data and customer reports to ensure we meet the set goals.

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