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As a leading company in sterilization technologies, ACTINI designs and manufactures a range of effluent decontamination systems who meet the most stringent containment standards.


These decontamination systems who make use of the thermal piping system are specifically designed to meet the vaccine manufacturers and laboratories working with pathogens classified from P1 to P4 (BSL-1 to BSL-4) requirements .


They offer you a level of security and reliability, which cannot be matched by conventional techniques.


ODIL SAS is a well-known company located in Dijon. Steri + O3 is the result of 15 years hard work and research on the best possible solutions for treating liquid
organic waste.

As a result of their research they designed two ecological machines that offer the perfect solution for inactivating your biological liquid waste. These machines are perfectly adaptable in your laboratory or anywhere else where contagious biological liquid waste is produced.

A plus is that your waste can be treated immediately from the box or directly from the diagnostic device.

Phileas by Devea

Specialized in airborne disinfection.

DEVEA is a young company that relies on more than 25 years of experience of its founder Jean-Marc EVANNO.


DEVEA is the specialist in ultra-fine particle sized rotary disk diffusion technology.



Tesalys is a company that develops advanced solutions for the treatment of hazardous waste.

They operate from Toulouse which is one of the most important cities in Europe concerning industrial know-how, which allows them to internationally develop their STERIPLUS technology.  


With the STERIPLUS shredder-autoclave, Tesalys quickly became a leader in on-site  bio-contaminated waste treatment systems.

Nowadays Tesalys is present in more than 30 countries on five continents.

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