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FM days:  2020
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Seminar: Food Safety: sustainable desinfection and cleaning, is it possible?

The efficiency of cleaning and disinfection procedures is crucial for the proper hygiene of the production environment.

Led techno and GreenX invite you to a seminar that focuses on the possibilities on the market to fight fungi, viruses and bacteria in a food production environment in a sustainable and eco-neutral way. In December 2016, a Danish meat processing company suffers from a listeria contamination, resulting in a product recall and the necessary press attention. On the basis of a case study, we see how they evolve over a year to a situation where self-disinfecting surfaces ensure optimum long-term protection.

With guest speakers Koen De Rue (Senior Researcher at ILVO), Delika Meat products and Anders Atman ( The intro is given by Peter Van Eylen from Led techno.

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