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Liquid Waste


Treat your effluent at the source

"For safe removal of your biological hazardous waste. "

Add a secure water point
in your laboratory

The solutions proposed by GreenX allow to integrate a safe water point into your laboratory (a new or an existing one).

These specific tubular thermal decontamination systems are designed to meet the requirements of vaccine manufacturers and laboratories working with pathogens classified from P1 to P4 (BSL-1 to BSL-4) and provide them with a level of safety and reliability who are incomparable to conventional solutions.

Ecological and  economic

The decontamination process does not make use of any sort of chemicals. This means security for the user and for the environment.


This compact unit which is easy to integrate into existing benches, meets the strictest decontamination standards, enabling your staff to work safely without exceeding the budget.

Fully automatic

The system does not require manual intervention.
It fully automatically controls each stage of the cycle from the recovery of contaminated liquid to the release of decontaminated liquid.

This ensures total safety and full traceability.

Guaranteed decontamination

The process is based on effluent sterilization at 135 ° C for 2 minutes.
Adjustments of time and temperature for specific situations are possible.

The validation of the efficiency of the treatment is done by sensors, each cycle is fully automated and fully traced.

Fields of application

  • Hospitals / Clinics

  • Nursery

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Food industry

  • Biotechnology

  • Fermented Product

  • Research units

  • Veterinary Laboratories

  • Laboratories for analysis

  • Animal Husbandry

Which device suits you ? 


Treatable volume 70 L/day

Plug & Play



Treatable volume  70 L/day

Plug & Play

WITH sink


Treatable volume 

100 to 400 L/day

Plug & Play


Examples of installations

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